Project TypeContract NumberDateProduct NameAmount
SupplyIBRD-5281996Transmission Line Hardware0.35 Million
SupplyHIC-1-LOT-I & II2005220kV T/Line Hardware1.1 Million
SupplyADB-20-2009(LOT-IIIA)2005OPGW with accessories0.67 Million
EPCJBIC-P-I2001Turnkey basis for Construction of 220 KV T/Line43 Million
EPCREWAT-Ext-II2004500kV Substation on Turnkey Basis5 Million
EPCLahore-III2004500kV Substation on Turnkey Basis5 Million
SupplyHJ-01(LOT-I)2005Alumoweld Sheild wire 9.78mm.18 Million
SupplyCL-012009220kV T/Line Hardware/ Dampers0.5 Million
SupplyLESCO2009132kV Tubular Poles and Greeley Conductor2.2 Million
SupplyICB-6322010132kV Steel Tublar Poles1.25 Million
SupplyADB-Loan-40R2010220KV Tubular Poles5.4 Million
SupplyNTDC Fund IPP-012010220KV Tubular Poles5.2 Million
SupplyADB-IESCO/I+A8:E18CB-01-A(S)/PMU-212011200KVA three phase Pole Mounted 11,000/415 Volts Transformers1.18 Million
SupplyWB-IESCO/ICB-23/PMU-39(LOT-II)2013132kV Steel Tubular Poles1.04 Million
SupplyNOR-29-2013(LOT-V)2014Post Insulator.18 Million
SupplyWPP-07-20142015Steel Towers2.70 Million
SupplyNOR-29-2013(LOT-V)2016145kV Post insulator stacks.18 Million
SupplyCont No.3263 (Pkg-II)New Lahore 500KV & Gujrat 220KV T/Line 2017/2018Hardware Fitting & Spacer Damper alongwith Neelum Jehlum 500Kv T/Line USD:7 Million
SupplyCont.No.CPP-01 (Lot-I)
Thar-Matiari 500KV T/Line
2017/2018Hardware Fitting & Spacer DamperUSD:2.6 Million
SupplyCont.No.ADB-TR-IV-ICB-01-S (LOT-III):2017/2018220KV & 132KV Towers & GantriesUSD: 3 Million
SupplyCont.No.CPP-04MR 2017/2018Quard Bundle Spacer Damper 500KVUSD: 1.4 Million
SupplyCont. No.CPP-04M-R2 Package-I,II&III2017/2018160KN & 80KN Porcelain Insulators T&C USD: 19 Million
SupplyCont No.WPP-102017/2018Ball & Socket 160KN Porcelain InsulatorsUSD: 0.25 Million
SupplyCont No.3263 (Pkg-II)
New Lahore 500KV & Gujrat 220KV T/Line
2017/2018Rail Conductor & Drake ConductorUSD: 30 Million
SupplyCont No.3263 (Pkg-II)
New Lahore 500KV & Gujarat 220KV T/Line
2017/2018500KV TowersUSD: 15 Million
SupplyCont.No.CPP-01 (Additional Order)
Thar-Matiari 500KV T/Line
2017/2018Spacer Damper & HardwareUSD: 1 Million
SupplyADB & World Bank Loan2017/2018132KV Steel Tubular Poles against USD: 5 Million
SupplyCont. No.2727 under ADB Loan2017/2018220KVA Pole Mounted Distribution TransformersUSD: 3 Million