Registered under the Laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, TRACE ENGINEERING & CONSULTANT (TEC) was established in 2000 and has made quite a mark up till now. TEC primarily focuses on Power Generation, Transmission Lines, Sub-stations, Distribution & Industrial Power Equipment and Hydel Sector of Pakistan and is contributing towards the betterment of society with as much as they have. The company acts as a representative of the country while dealing with world renowned manufacturers and is bringing the trade to the country as exclusive local agent in Pakistan. Working on various projects while serving the national causes, TEC has specialized in the area and stands dominant in the field.

Our Services


Working with our clients to match their technical skills to the customer’s project specifications. Helping clients develop and improve their drafting procedures.


Guide our clients to prepare most comprehensive & technically complete bid.


Provide thorough reviews of the bids and updates to avoid technical disqualifications.


Getting the technical specifications and/or tender criteria to provide our clients as per international standard and client’s requirements.

Providing Information

Purchasing official tender documents and subsequent amendments issued by the customers.

Support clients

Support our clients until the final execution of the project and release of complete project payment.

Why us?

We got the tools

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Competitive Pricing

Lifetime Services

20 Years Experience

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